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Rolex Daytona Replica Watches's message is simple. Rolex Daytona Replica Watches is the brand to choose when you are past preconceptions of traditional luxury. Mille continued, "For me it's not the first time a collector buys a watch, but the last, once they have transcended everything else and social conditioning, and bought this watch just to please themselves. Gold was once a symbol for wealth, luxury, and importance. It was funny, because I tried to convince people that lighter watches were better. But it wasn't easy.Rolex Daytona Replica Watches Some people thought it was a waste to have a tourbillon in a titanium case. "It's funny, we now make more watches out of titanium and carbon fiber than platinum."

Mille is the most important pioneer of the industry in using titanium as both a case and, more importantly for his movements. Mille says, "Titanium used to be used only for the case and, even then, in simple geometric shapes. Titanium is an expensive metal to manufacture. My titanium cases cost almost as much as gold [cases]. The finishing and polishing is all done by hand, which is very difficult."

Mille was interested in the benefits of titanium for both the case and the performance of the watch. "My interest was not limited to watches. I was the very first person to create a baseplate made of titanium for a watch. This was a costly, time-consuming, and headache-inducing process, but it was worth it for the benefits of shock-resistance and because I won't compromise on my watches. For my next-generation tourbillons, I started using aluminium lithium and carbon fiber. When I conceptualized a basic automatic, I knew I wanted it to be centered around a titanium plate. This is still true today.rolex cellini replica watches I was warned this would result in a high rejection rate. Vaucher, my supplier of movements [which manufactures the movements for RM 005, RM 010 and RM 001] told me that to produce 3,000 movements they would have to make 5,000-6,000 plates. This rejection rate is huge. This ratio is unacceptable in any other industry, with any other brand. But this is how I want to work -- without compromise.

"When people ask how I can accept rejection rates of 45 percent, i tell them that this is a part of our brand's identity. Grand feu enamel was used in the past to make watches. It was a high rejection rate, but this gave watchmaking a certain nobility, as opposed to making things in an industrial, faceless way. This is also true for the more complex watches that some brands produce today. "You give pride to the watchmaker who created your watch."